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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
John 3:16
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Spark Gospel Ministries
Spark Gospel Ministries
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James, a servant of God and the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes, which are scattered abroad, greetings.    James 1:1


Spark Gospel Ministries is a Christian outreach ministry unaffiliated with any other organization, but fully cooperating with all other ministries and individuals defending the true faith once delivered unto the Saints. The head of this ministry is Yahshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) to whom we give all honor and glory; we do not exalt any man or human organization. Our right to operate is inalienable coming from YHVH God, the only true Lawgiver; we do not recognize any other authority for our existence, nor are we subject to any guidelines, edicts and privileges they may issue.

The purpose of the Spark Gospel Ministries is to establish God's heavenly Kingdom upon this earth; to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom through any and all righteous means; to identify the true Children of Israel, God's chosen people; to further the spiritual growth and development of the Saints; to actively encourage each individual calling within the Elect; and to otherwise efficiently promote the ministry and defend the doctrine of our Redeemer.

Our outreach on the national and international level is primarily through the distribution and publication of books, tracts, tapes and other materials of a lasting nature, rather than through using our resources to print a periodical. However, Spark Gospel Ministries is not limited. A prison ministry and meetings of various types. We are not complete agreement with every statement made in the material we distribute, but feel that overall the items selected provide enlightenment through which the guidance of the Holy Spirit will bring the reader or listener into knowledge of the truth with wisdom and understanding. These Biblical teachings and related information answer many questions and furnish solutions to the problems facing our race and nation.

We recognize that membership in the body of Christ is Diving election only, not man's appointment, and therefore maintain no membership rolls or issue any membership cards. We try to merit the support and prayers of all those who contribute to Spark Gospel Ministries, either directly or by distributing our material; without you believers, His work through this national outreach would not be possible. All visions and goals of this ministry are in service to our Saviour and are not meant to promote the aspirations of any man or perpetuate any man-made institution. Virtually all work done in behalf of this ministry is voluntary, no salaries or benefits are paid to a full time staff and absolutely no money whatsoever is expended for personal use. 100% of all tithes, offerings, gifts, bequest and donations to Spark Gospel Ministries is used to the glory of our Messiah Yahshua (Jesus Christ) for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. We faithfully and responsible attempt to uphold the highest standards of Christian stewardship with all that has been entrusted to us.


PUBLIC LAW 97-280-OCT. 4, 1982

PUBLIC LAW 97-280 * 97th Congress * 96 STAT. 1211

Joint Resolution

Authorizing and requesting the President to proclaim 1983 as the "Year of the Bible".

Whereas the Bible, the Word of God, has made a unique contribution in shaping the United States as a distinctive and blessed nation and people;

Whereas deeply held religious convictions springing from the Holy Scriptures led to the early settlement of our Nation;

Whereas Biblical teachings inspired concepts of civil government that are contained in our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States;

Whereas many of our great national leaders-among them Presidents Washington, Jackson, Lincoln, and Wilson-paid tribute to the surpassing influence of the Bible in our country's development, as in the words of President Jackson that the Bible is "the rock on which our Republic rests";

Whereas the history of our Nation clearly illustrates the value of voluntarily applying the teachings of the Scriptures in the lives of individuals, families, and societies;

Whereas this Nation now faces great challenges that will test this Nation as it has never been tested before: And

Whereas that renewing our knowledge of and faith in God through Holy Scripture can strengthen us as a nation and a people; Now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the President is authorized and requested to designate 1983 as a national "Year of the Bible" in recognition of both the formative influence the Bible has been for our Nation, and our national need to study and apply the teachings of the Holy Scriptures.

Approved October 4, 1982

 I am willing to give $1000.00 to anyone that can prove I was not used, or lying on these subjects. (Praise Jesus) I have other Internet messages that also have the $1000.00 same set up. But this topic concerns the rock industry, radio stations, recording back masked messages on the recordings which are placed on by Satanists during the recording of records and incantations. If you have heard of me Wayne W. Morin Jr. and would like to ask Jesus in your heart confess to him of your sins, (Praise Jesus!). The prince of the air and principalities of dominions of rock, sex, murder, drugs, all have high places in the air over out states, cities, etc. Yes the rock industry used me from the years of 1957. I am willing to take a lie detector test to prove these truths or use a voice stress analysis machine test, or you can hire a good detective. Now lets get on with this message that Satan does not want you to hear or read.


This will be one of the hardest leaflets you have ever tried to read. SATAN DOES NOT WANT YOU TO READ THIS MATERIAL!

Heavenly Father, I ask you to shield and protect the reader of this Internet message and give him or her a clear understanding of all that you have directed us to say. I ask you for this, and thank you, in the precious name of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

This group which secretly calls itself The Brotherhood, is made up of people who are directly controlled by, and worship, Satan. It is a rapidly growing and very dangerous cult. It has two major centers in the US - The West coast, mostly in the Los Angeles-San Francisco area. They are divided into local groups, or chapters, called covens. The covens range in size from 5-50 people to several thousand. This is the same cult written about in Hal Lindsey's book, Satan is Alive And Well On Planet Earth, and in Mike Warneke's book, The Satan Seller. My ministry doesn't support Hal Lindsey material or Mike Warneke's book. It is also the US counterpart of the group in England written about in the book Freed From Witchcraft, by Doreen Irvine.

These Satanists infest every level of society - the poor and the rich. The very well educated, the police force, government officials, business men and women, and even some so-called Christian ministers. Most all of them attend local Christian Churches and are considered "good citizens" because of their involvement in local civic activities. This is all done as a cover-up. They lead double lives and are expert at it: masters of deception.

There are several occult groups in the US who call themselves The Illuminati, most are not a part of The Brotherhood. There is a group called the Illuminati made up mostly of people who are directly descended from the Druids of ancient England. They are extremely powerful and dangerous people and are linked to The Brotherhood. They practice human sacrifice frequently.

The rapidity of growth of The Brotherhood is a mark of the end-time we are in a direct fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

My family had special ceremonies at various recording studios throughout the US for the specific purpose of placing satanic blessings on the rock music recorded. And others did incantations which placed demons on EVERY record and tape of the rock music sold. At times they also called up special demons who spoke on the recordings - especially in the various backmasked messages. Also, in may many of the recordings, the Satanist themselves were recorded in the background (masked by the over-all noise of the music) doing chants and incantations to summon up more demons every time one of the records or tapes or videos in played. As the music is played, these demons are called into the room of afflict the person playing the music and anyone else who is listening.

The purpose of all of this? Mind control! Mind control not only to give the listener understanding of the messages about Satan conveyed to them by the music, but also to prevent them from recognizing their need for Jesus and the salvation He died on the Tree to give us.

Many of the song lyrics are themselves actual incantations calling up demons when the song is sung. The purpose of this is two fold: To exert control over the listener and to provide the listener with actual incantations he or she can use to send demons upon another person. This is done to gain revenge by afflicting them with illness, accidents, etc. and also to help influence another person into the bondage of rock music itself.

We recommend the book The Devil's Disciples - The truth about rock, by Jeff Godwin, published by Chick Publications, Inc., for an in-depth study of rock music. This book is an excellent tool for parents to use to gain an understanding of the rock music their children are involved in.

All these doorways must be closed. "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sings, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." If you have participated in any of these things you can simply close the door by a prayer such as the following:

"Father, I confess to you my involvement in________________. I recognize that such a thing(s) is an abomination to you and detestable in your sight. I humbly ask your forgiveness for my sings in this area(s). I ask you to lift out any demonic entrance as the result of my actions and to cleanse me from my sins and close the doorway(s) forever with the precious blood of Jesus. I ask for this and thank you for it, in Jesus name."

Then I recommend that you address Satan and his demons out loud in a manner similar to the following:

"Satan and you demons, I have asked my heavenly Father for forgiveness for participating in ________ and have received it. I now by faith close the doorway of that area of my life to you forever through the blood of Jesus Christ shed on the cross for me. In the name of Jesus I command you to go away!"

All objects used in the service of Satan (occult objects, rock records, occultic role-playing fantasy game material, etc.) are "familiar objects." These must be removed from the house as they provide legal ground for the demons to use to bring a continuing evil power into the house.

In the case of Christian parents dealing with their rebellious teenagers, I would warn you that you cannot just into your child's room and make a clean sweep of everything that you feel is a familiar object. You must communicate with them first. Bind the demons in them, then sit down and talk with them. Listen to their rock records with them, carefully examining the lyrics. I guarantee your kids will be embarrassed because they know in their hearts that rock music is rotten. If they are into occultic games, sit down and look at the manuals and study the game with them so that you gain an understanding of what they are doing and can then point out to them scripturally why it is wrong. After you have done all this, then destroy all the records, tapes, game materials, etc.

You must realize that your loved ones are demonically bound and blinded. You can talk to them for years telling them of their need for Jesus, but they just won't understand you. They can even repeat back to you what you are saying, but is  as if there is a "scrambler" between what you are saying and their brain so that they cannot really understand the concepts. The "scrambler" is a demon. Also their wills are bound so that even if they do understand their need for Jesus' salvation they cannot will to ask Him to become their Savior and Lord.

If they are living in the same house as you, each day, out loud, take the aggressive against the demons in them. You can do this in another room where they cannot hear you. Don't forget, demons have very sharp ears. Say something like this:

"You demons binding _______, I take authority over you in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord. I bind you in the name of Jesus, you may not afflict _________, today. My house is committed to the Lord and holy ground. You are a trespasser and may not function here. I bind you and command you to leave in the name of Jesus!"

This battle will be a daily thing. I cannot tell you how long the battle will take, only the Lord knows in each case. Be alert to the fact that the demons can speak through the other person, often being very rude and insulting to you to try to drive you away. In many cases it becomes necessary to rebuke the demon directly as he is speaking through the other person and command him to be silent. The Lord will guide you.

You must understand that Satan stands before the throne of God petitioning our heavenly Father for our unsaved loved ones. Satan points the accusing finger and says, "See so-and-so is participating in rock music (or whatever), therefore I have a legal right to his/her Soul and to influence his/her life and to send my demons into him/her."

Because God is absolutely just He must grant Satan his petition if it is uncontested. But we as heirs and joint heirs with Jesus Christ have more right to petition God the Father than Satan does. We must "bodily" go before the throne and counter-petition Satan. We can pray something like this:

"God and Father, I counter-petition Satan. I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and lay claim to this person. I claim him/her as my inheritance which you promised to give to me (if the person is your child, or spouse). Satan may not have him/her. I ask you to open his/her eyes so that they can see the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ."

If the person you are petitioning for is not a relative, you can petition on the basis that Jesus Christ commanded us to make disciples of the whole world and we can claim that person for a disciple of Jesus Christ.

"Standing in the gap" can be done in several different ways. Often it is necessary to ask the Lord to let you stand in the gap for a particular person so that he can have an opportunity to hear the gospel free from demonic interference. Again remember II Corinthians, 4:3-4:

"But if our Gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them."

In Ezekiel 22:30-32 God was looking for someone who would be willing to stand and fight Satan and his demons to stop them from blinding the people, that they could see their need for a Savior. Because the Lord could not find such a person he said that he would have to pour out his wrath and punishment upon the people for their sins.

We as Christians warriors must be willing to stand in the gap and fight in the spiritual realm to bread the demonic forces blinding the unsaved. Paul makes it very clear in Ephesians 6:12 that: "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."

We often pray a prayer such as the following: "Lord Please let me stand in the gap for ______, and fight for him so that his eyes will be opened and he will be freed from demonic bondage so that he can see his need for Jesus."

The Lord has shown us yet another way to stand in the gap. Look at the following scriptures: Is not this the fast that I have chosen? To loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke? ..." Isaiah 58:6 ***** "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2

As we take up the power and authority Jesus has given us in His name and take the offensive in warfare against Satan, persecution that inevitable will come will not come in the way we think. People will not stand up and say, "We are slandering you because of your stand for Jesus." No, you will be accused of doing all sorts of wrong things that you did not do, of being too radical and of becoming unbalanced in your mind. Schizophrenia and Paranoia are favorite accusations of Satan's. You will be discredited by your fellow Christians more than by avowed non-Christians. Satan always deceives and lies, nothing is ever as it seems. His most effective servants are those who are supposedly the strongest Christians, the regular Church goers, the financially successful and respected and revered members of your community. They are the ones who will accuse and persecute those fighting in spiritual warfare for Christ. But fight we must if souls are to be saved and brought to Jesus.

"Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you." Mathew 5:10-12

Remember this, no matter what happens to you in battle, or as a result of entering into spiritual warfare, even if you are despairing of your very life; you will always be in the center of our God's love and guardianship. Psalms 116:15 assures us: "Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints." God Jealously guards your life.



PUBLIC LAW 97-280-OCT. 4, 1982

PUBLIC LAW 97-280 * 97th Congress * 96 STAT. 1211

Joint Resolution

Authorizing and requesting the President to proclaim 1983 as the "Year of the Bible".

Whereas the Bible, the Word of God, has made a unique contribution in shaping the United States as a distinctive and blessed nation and people;

Whereas deeply held religious convictions springing from the Holy Scriptures led to the early settlement of our Nation;

Whereas Biblical teachings inspired concepts of civil government that are contained in our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States;

Whereas many of our great national leaders-among them Presidents Washington, Jackson, Lincoln, and Wilson-paid tribute to the surpassing influence of the Bible in our country's development, as in the words of President Jackson that the Bible is "the rock on which our Republic rests";

Whereas the history of our Nation clearly illustrates the value of voluntarily applying the teachings of the Scriptures in the lives of individuals, families, and societies;

Whereas this Nation now faces great challenges that will test this Nation as it has never been tested before: and

Whereas that renewing our knowledge of and faith in God through Holy Scripture can strengthen us as a nation and a people; Now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the President is authorized and requested to designate 1983 as a national "Year of the Bible" in recognition of both the formative influence the Bible has been for our Nation, and our national need to study and apply the teachings of the Holy Scriptures.

Approved October 4, 1982

My name is Wayne W. Morin Jr. in the 1980s many churches used me that were looking for the Rapture, many famous prophets like Hal Lindsey, Jerry Falwell, Jimmy Swaggart, Heritage USA, Dave Hunt and many other universities and congregations, and colleges that were also going along with these Bible theory that turned out to be a Hoax!  And many people took their loved ones off life support, took their college money., that money they were saving all their life and sent it to these false prophets so they could end up without a chance to believe that their Savior Jesus Christ came to save souls not to damn or condemn.  I am willing to give $1000.00 to anyone that can prove I was not used, or lying on these subjects, we need to start taking back what to false Prophets are doing to the United States.  I am willing to take a lie detector test to prove the truths of these subjects, Praise Jesus!

The informal list that follows is a brief survey of major errors within evangelical groups who are Trinitarian, believe in the blood atonement of Christ, and uphold the inerrancy and infallibility of the Bible. There is no question but that each of these notions will be spiritually dangerous to those who persist in believing them as the days grow darker here on earth.

Basically, these errors may be grouped under three kinds: "Spoiled-Brat" Doctrines: Special Revelations and Occult Dabbling: and Socialist Schemes.

A. "Spoiled-Brat" Doctrines. All of these doctrines have one thing in common: they regard the possibility of suffering for the Western Church as unthinkable, although presumably it is quite all right for the church in China or the U.S.S.R. When faced with the fact that over 145 million have died under communism since 1917, many of them believers, God's "spoiled brats" usually are silent. Here are the various groups.

1. Rapture-Ranters. They folks are obsessed with the idea of a secret, Pre-Trib Rapture (i.e. catching away) of believers seven years before the Lord Jesus Christ returns to set up His kingdom. They regard any training of the church for persecution or preparation for hard times as a betrayal of their favorite doctrine. Thus, they tend to be very hard on Christians with Noah-Joseph ministries geared toward survival. Many believe that God is obligated to remove the North American church before a nuclear war or totalitarian takeover here. This is so absurd that one wonders how anyone can take it seriously. Wishing will not make it so, any more than such fantasies will help the next, closely allied (and often the same) group.

2. Fig-tree Date-setters. People who regard the United Nations vote making Israel a nation as the fulfillment of Bible prophecy tend to date the final generation before the Lord's return from May 14, 1948. They regard a New Testament generation as 40 years, and usually accept Darby's final "week" or seven-year period as ending on May 14, 1988. Their favorite texts for these positions are Daniel 7:24-27 and Matthew 24:32-34.

Since most of these Christians are Pre-Trib in their eschatology, they are now faced with a most knotty problem. The final "week" or seven-year period of Tribulation, by this reasoning, should have started in late spring of 1981; yet the church is still here! What happened to the secret, Pre-Trib Rapture which they thought would occur exactly seven years before May 14, 1988?

Perhaps the saddest case of date-setting was that of Rev. Bill Maupin, an evangelist in Tucson, Arizona. He announced the Rapture would take place on June 28, 1981 He was quoted as saying on that date, "There isn't any chance it won't happen. We're going."

Unfortunately, he did not let it go at that. Although he did admit the error was his and not God's, he sent out a form letter predicting another Rapture date: August 7, 1981! His reasoning? Noah had to wait 40 days before the Flood lifted him up above the mountains to cloud level. Therefore God would give 40 more days after Maupin's date and then lift the church up into the clouds!

We may smile, but this is far from funny. Many more famous teachers have come perilously close to the same position.


George Washington's vision has been published from time to time and is recorded in the Library of Congress. What I have related regarding this prophecy, as well as the explanations and remarks setting the historical background of this profound event, are not original thoughts or even initially reported facts. It has simply been my duty to set them down in order to increase your understanding and motivation for the struggle ahead.

We are now moving rapidly into the third and greatest peril of Washington's revelation. The signs of it's fulfillment are readily evident to all who are not blinded by apathy, overindulgence, or self-delusion.

Nations on every continent, under the political forces of Communism, are now hostile to the United States. America has few friends left in the world and even fewer still who will have the strength or will to stand beside her in any future struggles.

Lenin foretold the series of events: "First we will take Russia, next we will capture the nations of eastern Europe, then we will take the masses of Asia. Finally, we will surround the United States and that last bastion of freedom will fall into our hands like over-ripe fruit".

In Washington's vision, he saw America attacked and invaded by vast military forces from Europe, Asia and Africa. He saw that with those forces there "gleamed a dark, red light" -- the color and symbol of Communism. He saw our cities aflame (as a result of nuclear attack, burned by the invading enemy forces, or perhaps set afire by mobs fomenting anarchy and revolution); the whole nation devastated, and millions dying in mortal combat.

Then, at the point of fiercest and final battle, the great angel, the guardian of this nation, descended from the heavens with legions of white spirits who joined forces with the Americans and destroyed the invading armies.

There are several important points which should be recognized by every American who reads this Internet message:

(1) It is time for all Americans to heed the warning that patriots have been carrying across this land for several decades. The people of this nation are entering a period of great trial and tribulation. There will be an economic collapse, then a disintegration of domestic order, followed by anarchy and foreign invasion. There will be armed conflict with terrible death and destruction.

(2) America is the promised land and the Christian people of North America are God's chosen people. We will prevail because it is our destiny to prevail. But we have permitted corruption, perversion, immorality, greed, personal pleasure, and materialism to become our way of life. We have permitted alien, anti-Christians to gain control of our country. We have allowed traitors to hold the highest positions of authority within our nation. We have reached such a point of degradation that we are even killing our own unborn children--bringing about our own genocide. Therefore, because of immorality, loss of faith, and the abandonment of our God-centered heritage, America and her people will receive a chastisement of immeasurable ferocity.

(3) The events which you are reading about are neither fiction, a patriotic story, nor a series of simple historical happening. The authenticity of Washington's revelation is clearly supported by a number of other prophecies over the past several hundred years, all pointing to a great "end times" battle in which the forces of almost the entire world are directed against the United States.

This is a cataclysmic demonstration of the power of God and the fact that His will shall not be frustrated and His plan shall not be denied. We Americans have accepted and enjoyed our many blessings and great bounty without gratitude; and we have failed to understand and fulfill our special role as a nation. Consequently, we will soon feel that wrath which is our just punishment.

(4) However, even at this late hour, responsible Americans can still rise up, remove the traitors and parasites from government, build a strong national defense, return our economy and money system to a firm base, wipe out immorality and perversion which corrupts our people, set new standards of integrity and honor for the national character, and reverse the present suicidal course of the nation.

If we do these things, we can still avoid much of the worldwide tragedy and suffering ahead, for there are many references in the Scripture that the punishment of the Lord may be withheld---if we believe, repent, work and fight if necessary: while we call upon Him for assistance.

But if we, as a nation, do not urgently and with every means at our disposal, set ourselves to the task; then only those strong, righteous, and courageous individuals who prepare now---mentally, morally and physically---will survive.

But we must act now. We are in the twelfth hour. There is no more time to waste. Good Americans must make a decision and a commitment now!

Nevertheless, even if many others "heed not the watchman," be not afraid. Those who do hear and prepare shall survive "the sword." Courageous and God-fearing Americans who are prepared to survive, yet willing to fight and die--for our families, our country, our civilization and our Lord--those Americans will prevail and live to build a new republic which shall endure. Good will triumph over evil, even if He must intervene on behalf of His Remnant to make it so.

(5) George Washington, the greatest man ever to walk this continent, should serve as our example in these troubled times. Washington's selfless devotion to his Country, his total dedication to the Cause of Liberty, his blameless private life and high personal standards of morality and character---all made him universally loved and respected. He should be the hero and the model for every man and boy in America today.

General Washington was a man of principle, wisdom, determination, and great courage. He was a God-fearing man who prayed for direction, strength and support from the Almighty, and he accepted the purpose and destiny for which he was created.

Washington also had the courage to take up arms and physically fight for his God and his country. He did not expect other men or the Creator to do it for him, nor did he foolishly think that somehow God would pluck him from the scene so that he might avoid the hardships, suffering, and perhaps even death which were imminent. Good men, including dedicated Christians, have never escaped tribulation; but those, like Washington, who are prepared, are given the strength and protection to see through.

(6) Finally, you the reader should be aware that at this very hour, the ground work is being laid to bring the conservative, Christian and patriotic people of this nation together so that they might be coordinated in movement which will regain control of our own government and defend this nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Even now, the leaders of this movement are being gathered, tried, tested, and tempered for the work ahead, when righteous forces, assembled together, will bring ultimate victory to our people--so that, as the Angel proclaimed, "While the stars remain, and the heavens send down dew upon the earth, so long shall America last".

For more information on George Washington's Vision and Prophecy for America, you may write to:

John Grady, M.D. * Route 2 Box 165 * Benton, Tennessee 37307

If you want to speak to Wayne Morin on any of his Internet topics
or radio talkshow please contact him at:

Wayne W. Morin Jr.
PO Box 574 * Calistoga, CA 94515
(707) 942-6326

(707) 942-6326


This Internet message will have to do with a subject that might be one of the ways for God to forgive and heal our land. I would like that bit of knowledge to be yours as of now. In my other Internet messages I speak of false prophets, just to name a few Hal Lindsey, Jack Van Impe, Jimmy Swaggart, Dave Hunt, Jerry Falwell, and the P.T.L. that used me for their false Rapture theory that turned out to be a Hoax! But I also brought up the universities, congregations, colleges, that were also going along with this Rapture Theory. And in another Internet message I spoke of the Rock Industry, and how they and the prince of principalities of dominions of rock, sex, murder, drugs, all have high places in the air over our states, cities, counties, towns and nations. I once again said that if you had anything to do with them to hurt me or other Christian or even non-Christians to please ask Jesus Christ to forgive you for participating in these (sins). Praise Jesus! I also asked for persons that participated in the evils of the Justice system, Law Enforcement, Court Houses, Department of Corrections and the men and women that were involved from all these places jails, prisons, state hospitals. Praise Jesus!

In this Internet message try to ask the help and love from THE HOLY SPIRIT in your prayer closet and seek him for guidance in helping you understand the reasons for CONFESSION. I fully believe that with confessions to our fellow non-Christians and Christians as scriptures says in 2 Chronicles 7:14. (If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and heal there land. If the Church in America has to truly confess and repent of the sin which is in the Church and the nation. God is waiting on his people. Are we going to stop playing with God and focus on what God's Word says? Let me know show you the HOLY SPIRIT has revealed to me in prayer and in reprove in the scriptures. Confession "HE THAT covereth his sins shall not prosper: but who so confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy." Proverbs 28:13.

The conditions of obtaining mercy of God are simple and just as reasonable. The Lord does not require us to do grievous thing in order that we may have the forgiveness of sin. We need not make long wearisome pilgrimages, or perform painful penances, to commend our souls to God of our souls to God of heaven or to expitate our transgressions; but he that confesseth and forsake his sin shall have mercy. The apostle says, Confess your faults to one another, pray one for another, that ye may be healed. James 5:16. Confess your sins to God, who only can forgive them, and your faults to one another. If you have given offense to your friend, your neighbor, you are to acknowledge your wrong, and it is his duty freely to forgive you. Then you are to seek the forgiveness of God, because the brother you have wounded is the property of God, and injuring him you have sinned against the Creator and Redeemer. The case is brought before the only true Mediator, our High Priest, who "was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin," and who is "touched with feelings of our infirmities," and able to cleanse from every stain of iniquity. Hebrews 4:15. Those who have not have not humbled their souls before God in acknowledging their guilt, have not yet fulfilled the first condition of acceptance.

If we have not experienced that repentance which is not repented of, and have not with true humiliation of the soul and brokeness of spirit confessed our sins, abhorring our iniquity, we have never truly sought the forgiveness of sin: and if we have never sought, we have never found peace of God. The only reason why we do not have remission of sins that are in the past is we are not willing to humble our hearts and comply with the conditions of the word of the word of the truth. Explicit instructions is given concerning this matter. Confession of sin, whether public or private, should be heartfelt and freely expressed. It is not to be urged from the sinner. It is not to be made in flippant and careless ways, or forced those who have no realizing sense of the charter of sin. The confession that is the outpouring of the inmost souls finds its way to God infinite pity. The psalmist says, "The Lord is nigh unto them of broken heart: and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit. Psalm 34:18. True confession is always of a specific character, and acknowledges sins. They may be of such a nature as to be brought before God only: they may be wrongs that should be confessed to individuals who you have suffered injury through them; or they may be of public character, and then should then be publicly confessed. But all confession should be definite and to the point acknowledging the very sins of which you are guilty. In the days of Samuel the Israelites wandered from God.

They were suffering the consequences of sin; for they had lost faith in god, lost their discernment of His power and wisdom to rule the nation, lost their confidence in his ability to defend and vindicate His cause. They turned from the great Ruler of the universe and desired to be governed as were the nations around them Before they found peace they made this definite confession: "We have added unto our sins this evil, to ask us king." 1 Samuel 12:19. They very sin of which they were convicted had to be confessed. Their ingratitude oppressed their very souls and severed them from God. Confession will not be acceptable to God without sincere repentance and reformation. There must be decided changes in the life; everything offensive to God must be put away. This will be the result of genuine sorrow of sin. The work that we have to do on our parts is plainly set before us: "Wash you, make you clean; put away the evil of your doings before Mine eyes; cease to do evil; learn to do well; seek judgments, relieve the oppressed, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.: Isaiah 1:16, 17. If the wicked restore the pledge, give again that he had robbed, walk in the statutes of life, without committing inquity; he shall surely live not die. Ezekiel 33:15. Paul says, speaking of repentance: "Ye sorrowed after a godly sort, what carefulness it wrought in you, yea, what vehement desire, year, what zeal, yea, what revenge! In all things ye have approved yourselves to be clear in this matter." 2 Corinthians 7:11. When sin has deadened the moral perceptions, the wrongdoer does not discern the defects of his character nor realize the enormity of evil he has committed: and unless he yields to the convicting power of the Holy Spirit he remains impartial blindness to his sin. His confessions are not sincere and earnest.

To every acknowledgment of his guilt he adds an apology in excuse of his course, declaring that if he had not been for certain circumstances he would not have done this or that for which he is reproved. After Adam and Eve had eaten of the forbidden fruit, they were filled with a sense of shame and terror. At first their only thoughts was how to excuse their sin and escape the dreaded sentence of death. When the Lord inquired concerning their sin, Adam replied laying the guilt partly upon God and partly upon his companion: "The woman whom Thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat." The woman put the blame upon the serpent, saying, "The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat." Genesis 3:12, 13. Why did you make the serpent? Why did you suffer him to come into Eden? These were the questions implied in her excuse for her sin, thus charging God with the responsibility of their fall. The spirit of self-justification originated in the father of lies and has been exhibited by all the sons and daughters of Adam. Confession of this order are not inspired by the divine Spirit and will not be acceptable to God. True repentance will lead a man to bear his guilt himself and acknowledge it without deception or hypocrisy. Like the poor publican, not lifting up so much as his eyes unto heaven, he will cry, God be merciful to me a sinner, and those who do acknowledge their guilt will be justified, for Jesus will plead His blood in behalf of the repentant soul.

The examples in God's word of genuine repentance and humiliation reveal a spirit of confession in which there is no excuse for sin or attempt at self-justification. Paul did not seek to shield himself; he paints his sin in its darkest hue, not attempting to lessen his guilt. He says "Many of the saints did shut up in prison, having received authority from the chiefs priests; and when they were put to death, I gave my voice against them. And I punished them oft in every synagogue, and compelled them to blaspheme; and being exceedingly mad against them, I persecuted them even unto strange cities." Acts 26:10, 11. He does not hesitate to declare that "Christ Jesus came unto the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief." 1 Timothy 1:15. The humble broken heart, subdued by genuine repentance, will appreciate something of love of God and the cost of Calvary; and as a son confesses to a loving father, so will the truly penitent bring all confesses to a loving father, bring all his sins before God. And it is written, If we confess our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9.

The final thought of this story one of the most beautiful ones I can easily say is this one Internet message. And if we follow its instructions we will heal our land, and God will forgive us. I believe if we started prayer cells, take time out to fast, bring up our sins that have been committed in the last 40 years from everything from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 1990s we should at least think about this Internet subject and look at my other messages I am willing to do radio talk show, our take a lie detector test or a voice stress analysis machine or you may hire a good detective, but if you do decide to do any testing on me I would like you to spread these messages to other persons.

We can start a new and a Revival in this America. If you would like to contact me about any message please name the topic, on my answering machine or write me. Remember if I am willing to forgive you for your evils that were forced upon me as a child then how much easier is it for you to remember back to the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and take a good look at where you were in Jesus Christ. And at the closing of an age we would only be helping our children to think we ended this generation and also remember the millions of everyday people that were involved and new nothing about the Rapture in the 1980s or the families that lost loved ones or the children that were sucked into Satan's plans of the rock industry. But also remember the Visions of our founding Fathers of this Great Country that spoke of the last generation and how they told us ahead of time, because they were men of God.


This is for YOU. T.V. and the ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA are LEADING CHILDREN down a moral SEWER. How can you and I stop it? Are you disgusted as I am at the filth, vulgarity, sex and T.V. and Entertainment Media is sending into our homes? Are you fed up with steamy unmarried sex situations, filthy jokes, perversion, vulgarity, foul language, violence, killings, etc.?

Well now you can be a part in exposing and putting an end to it. Yes, we can actually and literally. We can do it by reaching the T.V. sponsors and Entertainment Media whose ad dollars make it possible. And here's how: The Prince of Principalities of dominions and the Prince of the air have used Wayne Morin in T.V. spots and so has the Entertainment Media. We are willing to take a stand and expose these truths and Wayne Morin agrees if needed to take a lie detector test or a voice stress machine that can hook up to any P.C. for him to prove the truths of the questions asked to him on the topic. He is also willing to do radio talkshows or pre-recorded media interviews. Let's get this message out, it's our children's faith we need protect and their future. Now quick statement from Wayne Morin. I wish to say that this may seem that I am anti-semitism but I do not have an anti-semitic bone in my body and only pray that this message is heard and spread. God Bless.

The largest media conglomerate today is Walt Disney Company, whose chairman and CEO, Michael Eisner, is a Jew. The Disney Empire, headed by a man describe by one media analyst as a "control freak", includes several television production companies (Walt Disney Television, Touchstone Television, Buena Vista Television), it's own cable network with 14 million subscribers and two video production companies.

As for feature films, Walk Disney Pictures Group, headed by Joe Roth (also a Jew), includes Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures and Caravan Pictures. Disney also owns Miramax Films, run by Weinstein Brothers. When the Disney Company was run by the Gentile Disney family prior to its take over by Eisner in 1984, it epitomized wholesome, family entertainment. While it still holds the rights to Snow White, under Eisner, the company has expanded into the production of graphic sex and violence. In addition, it has 225 affiliated stations in the United States. Sound horrible, it only gets worse and is part owner of several European TV companies. ABC's cable subsidiary, ESPN, is headed by president and CEO Steven Bornstein, a Jew. This corporation also has a controlling share of lifetime television and the arts and entertainment network cable companies. ABC radio network owns 11 AM and 10 FM stations, again in major cities such as New York, Washington, Los Angeles and has over 3,400 affiliates.

Although primarily a telecommunications company. Capital Cites/ABC earned over 4 billion in publishing in 1994. It owns seven daily newspapers, Fairchild Publications, Chilton Publications and the Diversified Publishing Group. Time Warner Inc. is the second of the International media leviathans. The chairman of the board and CEO, Gerald Levin, is a Jew. Time Warners subsidiary HBO is the country's largest pay-TV cable network.

Warner Music was an early promoter of "gangsta rap". Through its involvement with Interscope Records, it helped popularize a genre whose graphic lyrics explicitly urge Blacks to commit acts of violence against Whites. In addition to cable and music, Time Warner is heavily involved in the production of feature films (Warner Brothers Studio) and publishing. Time Warner publishing division (editor-in-chief Norman Pearlstine, a Jew) is the largest magazine publisher in the country. (Time, Sports Illustrated, People, Fortune). When Ted Turner, a Gentile, made a bid to buy CBS in 1985, there was panic in media boardrooms across the nation. Turner made a fortune in advertising and then had built a successful cable-TV news network, CNN. Although Turner employed a number of Jews in key executive positions in CNN and had never taken public positions contrary to Jewish interests, he is a man with a large ego and a strong personality as was regarded by Chairman William Paley (real name Palin Sky, a Jew) and the other Jews at CBS as uncontrollable: a loose cannon who might at sometime in the future turn against them. Furthermore, Jewish newsman Daniel Schorr, who had worked for Turner publicly charged that his former boss held a personal dislike for Jews.

To block Turner's bid, CBS executives invited billionaire Jewish theater, hotel insurance and cigarette magnate Laurence Tish to launch a "friendly" takeover of the company and from 1986 till 1995 Tish was the chairman and CEO of CBS, removing any threat of non-Jewish influence there. Subsequent efforts by Turner to acquire a major network have been obstructed by Levin's Time Warner, which owns nearly 20 percent of CBS stock and has veto power over major deals. Viacom, Inc., headed by Summer Redstone (born Murry Rothstein), a Jew, is the third largest megamedia corporation in the country, with revenues of over $10 billion a year. Viacom, which produces and distributes T.V. programs for the three largest networks, owns 12 television stations and 12 radio stations. It produces feature films through Paramount Pictures, headed by Jewess Sherry Lansing.

Its publishing division includes Prentice Hall, Simon and Schuster and Pocket Books. It distributes videos through over 4,000 Blockbuster stores. Viacom's chief claim to fame, however, is as the world's largest provider of cable programming through its Showtime, MTV, Nickelodeon and other networks. Since 1989, MTV and Nickelodeon have acquired larger and larger shares of younger television audience.

With the three and by far the largest, media companies in the hand of Jews, it is difficult to believe that such an overwhelming degree of control came about without a deliberate, concerted effort on their part. What about the other media companies?

Number four on the list is Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation which owns Fox Television and 20th Century Fox Films. Murdoch is a Gentile, but Peter Chermin who leads Murdoch's film studio and also oversees his TV production is a Jew.

Number five is the Japanese Sony Corporation, whose U.S. subsidiary, Sony Corporation of America, is run by Michael Schulhof, a Jew. Alan Levine, another Jew, heads the Sony Pictures division. Most of the television and movie production companies that are not owned by the largest corporations are controlled by Jews. For example, New World Entertainment, proclaimed by one media analyst as the "premiere independent TV program producer in the United States" is owned by Ronald Perelman, a Jew. The best known of the smaller media companies, Dream Works SKG, is a strictly Jewish affair. Dream Works was formed in 1994 amid great media hype by recording industry mongul David Geffen, former Disney Pictures chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg and film director Steven Spielberg, all three of whom are Jews. The company produces movies, animated films, television programs and recorded music.

Two large production companies, MCA and Universal Pictures, are both owned by Seagram Company Ltd. The president and CEO of Seagrams, the liquor giant, is Edegar Bronfman Jr., who is also president of the World Jewish Congress. It is well known that Jews have controlled the production and distribution of films since the inception of the movie industry in the early decades of the 20th century. This is still the case today.

Films produced by just the five largest motion picture companies mentioned above -- Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony, Paramount (Viacom) and Universal (Seagram) -- accounted for 74 per cent of the total box-office receipts for the first eight months of 1995. The big three in television network broadcasting used to be ABC, CBS and NBC. With the consolidation of the media empires these three are no longer independent entities. While they were independent, however, each was controlled by a Jew since its inception: ABC by Leonard Goldenson, CBS first by William Paley and then Lawrence Tish and NBC first by David Sarnoff and then by his son Robert. Over periods of several decades these networks were staffed from top to bottom with Jews and the essential Jewishness of network television did not change when the networks were absorbed by other corporations. The Jewish presence in television news remains particularly strong.

As noted, ABC is part of Eisner's Disney Company and the executive producer of ABC's news programs are all Jews: Victor Neufeld (20/20) Bob Reichbloom (Good Morning America) and Rick Kaplan (World News Tonight). CBS was recently purchased by Westinghouse Electric Corporation. Nevertheless, the man appointed by Lawrence Tish, Eric Ober, remains president of CBS news and Ober is a Jew. At NBC, now owned by General Electric, NBC News president Andrew Lack is a Jew as are executive producers Jeff Zucker (Today), Jeff Gralnick (NBC Nightly News) and Neal Shapiro (Dateline).

To a substantial percentage of American population in the 1990's there are two issues about which they will not compromise. The issues are abortion and sexual "freedom" including homosexuality. These two issues seem to be a "sacrament" to these people. Yet these "sacraments" are the very issues which the Bible clearly states will bring God's wrath on the nation. God always warns a nation before judgment. God is extremely merciful and very slow to anger, but there is a point when He will move to punish. The punishment could mean the total destruction of a nation or empire. The Bible records the destruction of God's ancient Jewish people and their removal from the land of Israel in 600 B.C. For two centuries before the destruction God sent prophet after prophet to warn Israel of the coming disaster. The people for the most part refused to turn from sin. The result was that multitudes died as the country was destroyed and the survivors were taken captive to Babylon.

The prophet Jeremiah was alive when Israel was destroyed. He warned of the coming destruction and pleaded with Israel to turn to God. The people would not listen to his warning. Jeremiah wept over his people and today he is known as the weeping prophet. When the people failed to recognize that the calamities coming on them were warnings from God of impending destruction, Jeremiah said, "My people know no the judgment of the Lord" (Jer. 8:7).

Modern America is very similar to ancient Israel. Both nations were founded for the glory of God and have a godly heritage. Both nations turned from God and went into gross sexual immorality while yet still appearing to remain religious. Both nations practiced child killing and tolerated, if not encouraged, open homosexuality. Just before destruction both nations were consumed with violence. And both nations were clearly warned by God the coming destruction. Let's expose these things of the T.V. and whom are behind the Entertainment Media and use the lie detector or a voice stress machine so we can get our families and our children back to living the once Blessed America, yes I will expose the T.V. and the Entertainment media on video on the radio or through a computer. Lets get America back home.

 Year Of The Bible, 1983
By The President Of The United States

Father Son Holy Ghost
Ark Of The Covenant
Noah's Ark

Mr. Wayne Morin
P.O. Box 574
Calistoga, CA 94515
Wayne Victory '81 Jn 8:32
(707) 942-6326

My name is Wayne W. Morin Jr. In the 1980's many churches used me that were looking for the Rapture, many famous prophets like Hal Lindsey, Jack Van Impe, Jimmy Swaggart, Jerry Falwell, Dave Hunt, and the P.T.L. and many other universities and congregations and colleges that were also going along with these Bible theory that turned out to be a Hoax! And many people took their loved ones off life support, took their college money, that money they were saving all their life and sent it to these false prophets so they could end up without a chance to believe that their Savior Jesus Christ came to save souls not to damn or condemn. I am willing to give $1000.00 to anyone that can prove I was not used, or lying on these subjects. We need to start taking back what the false Prophets are doing to the United States. I am willing to take a lie detector test to prove the truths of these subjects. Praise Jesus!


I just turned 42 years old on one of the most holy days of the year for many different religious beliefs. This day is the day of atonement and reconciliation for the Jewish people all over the world. That day is called Yom Kippur. I was born on 9/20/57. This brings me to this new Internet message which once again I will make that $1000.00 truth test. Yes you may use a lie detector test or hire a good detective or you may use a voice stress analysis machine to find out these truths. PRAISE JESUS!

With all the con artists and money filled ministers, I do these things to make you feel 100 percent sure of yourself and in my life story. This way you can feel safe. Don't get me wrong, there are a good number of good Christian Pastors still around. PRAISE JESUS!

Well, there are two topics I will bring up today and one has to do with prophecy. Yes, the Holy Ghost 1000's of times gave me prophecy on earthquakes all over the world and I told states, cities, counties, towns, where and when they were to happen. Just think and try to understand that God is very angry with America, and his judgments really started to show up in the 1980s. Since the 1980s, America has suffered one awesome disaster after another. There have always been disasters, but now they are happening regularly and with increasing intensity and the prophet Daniel spoke of a time where knowledge will be increased so the Internet and T.V. and radio are showing more knowledge of these facts on earthquakes and other disasters.

Consider what happened to America since the 1980s. The Midwest and especially California suffered the worst drought in history, destroying huge amounts of crops. The drought was followed by record rains in both sections, followed by severe flooding. Do you remember when I gave the prophecy on these topics? Well if you would like to hear them, then write me at the address at the end of this message and name the topic.

In 1989, Hurricane Hugo struck Charleston, SC with the fierce winds causing great damage. I have not used prophecy on Hurricanes very often. Soon after Hugo hit, a powerful earthquake rocked San Francisco. I did have the prophecy on this GIANT quake and I call it the cricket. I sometimes gave was given a code to use and it took on different words or names like cricket or pizza, or I repeated myself in a way that the community would understand it was time for another earthquake.

Yes, there were even people that would leave the city or state when I made a prophecy on an earthquake so finding them should not be hard with the Internet today. I made prophecy with the Holy Ghost for enough of the people in California to be able somewhere be able to verify these subjects. But always go straight to the best source. Yes I can just remember people saying it's time to go for a ride again (meaning until the quake is gone I am out of here).

This brings me to the next topic on this Internet message. The years before the 1980s like the 70s and during this time, I was just a young man at the young age of 12 years and up. It was some of the most painful years of my life. It was the time when Satan's plan was put out for our children. Yes Satan at this time used me to try to get to the children of America. It was very painful to me to watch this as Satan started with the youth and our future world of tomorrow. Yes he was introducing the selling of our children's souls. Our children fell into his plan just as Satan had planned from the start of time. Yes he promised them everything they wanted and was taken tens of thousands of teens during rock concerts promising them power, fame, friends and different topics which I will show you some of this list now. This is just a short list.

1. "You can have any girl or guy you want".
2. "You can have all the drugs and money you want".
3. "You can be the most popular person in the school".
4. "You can have the power to control other people".
5. "Whatever your little heart desires, you can have it".

Remember, this is just a short list. These sound great, doesn't it? That's why hundreds of thousands of teens are and were giving their lives to Satan. For more info on these topics, call and leave a message or you can write me at the address below and I am always ready for a radio talkshow or a video interview for the public. You may find me at this address, also look up my other Internet address and spread the word to other ministers, churches, ministries, even the people that think this is the wrong message to tell people, meaning some of my topics speak for other prophets. They might not like what I am saying or they may even hate me and try to start problems. If so, they can just pick a number and wait in line with all the others that are in the get and Hate Rev. Wayne W. Morin Jr. Club, or some other topic I have that brings up the churches, states, law enforcements, communities, etc. or the topics of Rock and Roll.

The Rock Industry and the musicians of the different Rock bands, they can jump on the Hate Rev. Wayne W. Morin Jr. Club and pick a number because everything I say is true and if it weren't then I would have a law suit or have to make some kind of statement and I haven't and won't because I know the truths of my life. So for any information, you may contact me but look up and spread these other Internet addresses on Internet bulletin boards free space on new services.Let's try to start getting back on the right track with God and America.

 As you know by now that my name is Wayne Morin and I am going to give you the best hope of Blessing in the future of the Time called Tribulation, which I feel we are headed for. In my other Internet topics you see there is a $1000.00 truth test I offer, you say Pastor why do you need to give people money so you can prove to be telling the truths. Well it's easy for me to give you this answer because so many people have asked. I tell them in my Ministry I love my flock and always want them to feel 100 percent safe in only hearing the truth. Yes, many ministers, T.V. televangelists pray on there flocks, for more info on this topic, see the tape lists from our Ministry on site AN INVITATION for the topics of false prophet. well now on the topic for this site (I ask you to say a prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you while reading this message). Yes this topic also has the $1000.00 truth test. You may use a voice stress machine a lie detector or my favorite the P.C. TRUSTER.

During the time of the Tribulation, God will use Wayne Morin to perform miracles, like healing the blind, making persons that can't walk, walk, PRAISE JESUS!!! But there is more, yes there's more. For this you should pick up Breaking the Generation Curse by Marlyn Hickey. This book will just show you how many healings my Ministry will be doing, PRAISE JESUS.

Can you even start to think how or imagine for the first time a blind person can see, can you imagine the first time a person that could not walk, starts to walk, PRAISE JESUS!! Look at some of my other sites you will see that those seem hard to feel 100 percent sure but after you read them you will start to understand me more. Now back to the topic THE CALL TO RIGHTEOUSNESS. There is a call to righteousness going out to Christians all across our nation and around the world. God is using men of God who are who are truly sensitive to the Holy Spirit to tell Christians to forsake all wickedness and anything that is doubtful and to walk in holiness.

One of the best analogies for what God is doing can be drawn from the Tabernacle of the Old Testament. Within the walls of the Tabernacle was the outer court. Within that was the Holy Place, where the priests alone could go. Then there was the Holy of Holies, where only the high priest could go once a year.

The parallel is that those who are outside of the spiritual tabernacle are those who are not Christians--who have never been "born again" and do not know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Master. Those in the outer court are born-again Christians, but they have never been filled with the Holy Spirit and have never allowed God to totally control their lives. In the Holy Place are Christians who have been filled with the Holy Spirit and who are seeking to have God totally rule and control their lives. These Christians who are trusting in the power of God through the Holy Spirit, rather than in their own strength to accomplish the task that lies before them. These are the Christians who look to God for healing and miracles, when the Holy Spirit directs them to. Unfortunately, the Christians in the Holy Place still have much wickedness and evil in them--in their hearts and also in there conduct.

Many actions are still self-centered, independent of God, unthoughtful of others. There are irritations, words said in anger, and a pushing to get one's own way. And among many of the people, even the Holy Place there's even more overt sin. They know what it is and God knows what it is, but enjoyable and therefore they "secretly" do it. They think they are clever because even their follow Christians don't know about it. He is bidding us to wash our hands, to cleans our lives, to purify our actions and our words. Yes, He is asking us to be perfect and sinless.

We all believe that we are to obey the commands of God and Jesus. Jesus gave us a command that is rarely dealt with, but is imperative from and He expects us to obey it. It is found in Matthew 5:48. Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

You might reply, but that is impossible! It cannot be done. I would have to ask you if Jesus Christ would command you to do something that was impossible. I do not believe that He would. Perfection (maturity) in God's eyes must be possible, by the power of the Holy Spirit. God expects us to exercise our will and start making decisions that will clean up our lives and move us towards perfection and enter into the Holy of Holies. I do not know any Christian who is perfect. I certainly am not far from it. Yet this does not negate the call that is going out today. God is beckoning us to move towards perfection and to enter into the Holy of Holies. it is the Christians who heed this call to be and press forward now who will become the overcomers.


This is the most beautiful Internet topic I have ever done but all my other Internet messages are what we as Christians and non-Christians need to start doing because our GOD has a plan for us and as the scriptures say Jesus gave these miracles working powers to the Christians to do for him, PRAISE JESUS.

Now to my starting of this message. I would like the persons reading to say a prayer for Stacy because she has donated the cash for the Spark Gospel Ministry to be able to have for our use a voice stress machine which would have cost our Ministry up to thousands of dollars, Stacy we all Thank You.

As you see in many of my other website addresses I am the minister that is willing to give a person $1,000.00 if I am lying on the subject I am talking about on that site. PRAISE JESUS!!! You may say to yourself why would a Pastor be willing to give a thousand dollars if he is lying. As I say to them the readers to make you feel 100 percent that I am telling you the TRUTH. But I also say to the reader that some of the website messages may sound a little like something you read in a scary comic book. So I offer the persons my phone number, my E-mail and a $1,000.00 dollars to prove that if I am lying, the money is yours, that's easy ain't it, I sometimes ask for the person to place my website address all over the place so others can see and feel what you have learned, PRAISE JESUS!!!

Well on today's Internet topic I know you will love this one PRAISE JESUS but first say a short prayer... There was a minister that was examined by doctors and her body was literally riddled with cancer. They gave very little time to live. The body of believers began to pray diligently for her healing. At her next visit, the doctors could not find a single trace of cancer!!! That occurred in 1976.

I could give many examples of such healings. One of the members was a blind man. At one point he came to the elders and asked them to pray for his healing. With fear and trembling they searched the Scriptures in James and saw that not only were they to anoint him with oil and pray over him, but also they were TO CONFESS THEIR FAULTS AND SINS ONE TO ANOTHER. The elders and this blind member met and spent an entire morning CONFESSING THEIR FAULTS and being cleansed by God. Then, as the Scriptures say to, they anointed him with oil and prayed. Yes!!! His sight was restored.

In the body of believers with whom I fellowshipped in Pasadena, there is a man who was raised from the dead. He was in the hospital, very seriously ill. His lungs filled up with fluid and his heart stopped. Five doctors pronounced him dead and the hearse was on its way. One of the elders entered the room, laid hands on this man, and in the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit, commanded him to come back to life. The Holy Spirit raised him from the dead.

What is the power that will cure cancer, heal lameness, and can even raise the dead. This power is available to Christians today, but the trouble is that most Christians are afraid to reach out and take hold of it. They are afraid that someone will think them odd, fanatical or even Crazy. Pride is the most frequent hindrance to having the supernatural power of God work in us and through us.

Today in the United States also, Christians at the command of God are taking dominion over nature. One example occurred in Illinois: a tornado was racing toward a small town. Everyone in the house rushed into his storm cellar. A group of Christians gathered on a front lawn and said to the tornado, "In the name of Jesus Christ we command you not to strike our town." What do you think happened? The tornado lifted on the outskirts of the town, crossed high over, and hit the earth again, right past the town. A similar thing happened to me.

On June 30, 1976, my wife and I were having a wedding dedication service outside at her parent's home in Penticton, BC. We were doing this purely for the glory of God, desiring to give a witness for Christ to her friends. Normally this was the dry season. The dedication was to start at 3:30 and about 2 o'clock I went outside in the rain, and walked around praying. As I was praying that the rain would stop, God said to me, "Prayer is not enough. I want you to take dominion over the rain." My reaction was, "Who-me?" It took me about 15 minutes of CONFESSING MY SINS and drawing close to God in the Holy Spirit, before I felt under His control. I command you to stop until after this wedding dedication is over." Praise God! Within an hour there was the most beautiful blue sky and sunshine, which remained all through the dedication and dinner that followed (all of which was out-of-doors). Then, just as we were taking up tablecloths, a few raindrops began to fall.

Performing miracles refers to works other than healing, such as stopping the rain, walking on water, turning water into wine, and raising the dead. Miracles are something that Christians will be doing more of during the Tribulation. I am here to help you to CONFESS YOUR FAULTS OR SINS on any of my Internet topics. Look up all my sites and spread the messages everywhere PRAISE JESUS! We should get accustomed to allowing the Holy Spirit to use us in any way that He desires and to have all of our needs met by the body of Christ. If we begin to do this now, our experience during the Tribulation will be much easier. We are to love one another in the body of Christ, to build each other up, to bear one another's burdens, to rejoice together, to weep together, work together--all for the glory of Christ. I am going to list all my other websites from this one because I will be working Miracles in the time of the Tribulation and God willing before, and as I see it I really think before. If you look at the patterns of the life stories on my websites, God has used me plenty for nations, countries, states, cities, towns, law enforcements, jails, court systems, the list goes on and on. I will soon be looking for some brothers and sisters to join with me in spreading the truths of these Miracles and of the Prophecy that was given me by God.

So at the bottom are all of my website addresses, look them over, spread them around! Let your Church and Charter know about these sites PRAISE JESUS!!! I am always doing a radio talkshow or a pre-recorded T.V. show. What I would like to do is a radio talkshow with voice stress machine connected to the computer called the Truster and I would like to do this Nationwide PRAISE JESUS!!!


 Yes, I Wayne Morin have been asked this question many times and in many different ways. My answer is still (NO)! The MARK OF THE BEAST has always been here in this world ever since the world began the time of Adam and Eve.

Today's topic is very hard for me to talk about, but it is very important and it needs of exposure, PRAISE JESUS!!! If you were involved or know of persons or of friends ask Jesus Christ to hear you repent and look up my other topics on the correct way to repent. People in California since my birth in 1957 in September, have been planning to pave the way for the Anti-Christ. The city I was born you can really see this in full bloom at least in the years 1957 to the 1980's. Yes, San Francisco in those years was one of the most powerful bases for paving the way for the Anti-Christ. You ask why? Well there are so many reasons.

The one most popular during these years known was the Gay Revolution. Yes, most of the Churches in America and Europe during these years also felt the same way. You see they believed that the Anti-Christ had no feelings for women as it states in the Bible. I will focus on the rape, paid molestation of children, free foods at your local supermarkets such as Safeway, Lucky, etc., and make this part on the topic of MARK OF THE BEAST. Yes, most Christians know that it will be very hard for the Christians that do not take THE MARK OF THE BEAST if they don't prepare.

Many Christian Pastor's Churches, Ministries, Colleges, etc. know of this topic. Through the Bible times of the past, the Bible has shown this in the past also. Yes, a person that takes THE MARK OF THE BEAST will be able to support their families buy and sell. This is not the first time in the Bible has spoken of a MARK OF THE BEAST. Can you imagine the hurt I have felt, the scars on my mental health I feel at times, (I do not think so). When I hear or see on TV that a serial rapist or child molester gets off with a slap on the wrist, (I feel full of hurt and pain). That's a reason I offer my testimonials and $1,000.00 for the truth test to prove this, but also to make you feel 100 percent that the truth is being told. PRAISE JESUS!!!

San Francisco has become the QUEER CAPITAL of the world. Listen to this statement from HOMOSEXUALS ACTIVIST OUTLINES GOALS OF THE HOMOSEXUAL MOVEMENT from Gay Community News. "We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your youth groups, in your movie theater bathrooms, in your house of Congress, wherever men are together, your sons shall become our minions and do our bidding. They will come to crave us and adore us. Women you cry for freedom. You say you are no longer satisfied with men, they make you unhappy. We will amuse them, we will instruct them, we will embrace them when they weep. Women, you wish to live with each other instead of men. Then go and be with each other. We shall give your men pleasures they have never known because we are foremost men too, and only man knows how to truly please another man, only one man can understand the depth and feelings, the mind and body of another man. PRAY FOR THESE PERSONS!!!

Now once again I will offer the $1,000.00 if I am lying on these topics and I also ask for you to spread this message to other Churches, Ministries, Law Enforcement offices and Governments. spread it to radio talk shows, TV stations, etc. I will be asked your questions with a TRUSTER Voice Stress machine that hooks up to your PC or you can use ours! PRAISE JESUS! But let's get these messages out!!!

Satan has evil rulers in every part of society, churches, the court systems, political rulers of communities, rulers of states, countries, nations, prisons, hospitals, jails, etc. During my childhood, my life was watched by Satanists, Power of Principalities of dominions and yes, the Homosexuals Movement to bring about the paving the way for the Anti-Christ to power now. Remember, I am making a very powerful statement! PRAISE JESUS! Yes, you can find this out over the Internet or use a good detective. Church members of San Francisco were just about all involved in the Sin City, Sodom or Lucifer's City. They were in with the evils to be done such as rape of women and children of all persons that would not take THE MARK OF THE BEAST and the Post-Tribulation Saints because they weren't going to Raptured Out. (Yes Police departments, court systems were also in the same but the prisoners were taking part in the crimes against the persons that were left behind on Earth as Satan's children of disobedience to bring harm. Boy this hurts.

Do you start to see this in the Big Picture. Yes, at this time a rapist or a child molester had a better chance than a thief to get out of jail or prison. This was in the early 80's. In the Bible many Christians believe that Satan's Wrath or (he) in the Bible will set the Wrath out on the Christians. The Son of the Morning (LUCIFER) the morning star. The "star" of Revelation 9:1 has to be a person rather than a literal star, since the personal pronoun "he" is used of it. He is also given a key and authority to open the bottomless pit.

I believe San Francisco in the years 1957 to the years 1983 were the paving of the way for the Anti-Christ with the Homosexual community spreading to the ends of the globe. I believe this fallen star is none other than Satan himself, described in Isaiah 14:12 as "Lucifer" or "Star of the Morning". Satan receives the key from the Lord Jesus, since He was declared the only possessor of the key to both hell and death. I also believe that San Francisco at the time know as Lucifer's City or Sodom knew they were paving the way for the Anti-Christ that backfired after the Rapture did not happen in 1981.

It is true that California has more prisons here than all other states in the United States combined. The courtrooms were revolving doors for rapists and child molesters. Moms, dads, brothers, sisters, young girls, young boys can never forget the pain of these scars. They need a lot of T.L.C. for their pain and hurt for being a Christian, and even the non-Christians that were also used for their plans to pave the way for their Anti-Christ.

Let's get this message out.