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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
John 3:16
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Shane C. Arroyo
Assistant Minister
(530) 613-1314
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David S. Garnett Sr.
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Scott P. Shelton
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Spark Gospel Ministries

Spark Gospel Ministries
Shane Carlos Arroyo
Assistant Minister
190 Lubeck Road #2
Auburn, CA 95603
Phone (530) 823-8361

James, a servant of God and the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes, which are scattered abroad, greetings.    James 1:1

1. WARNING, WARNING - A look at Pastor Wayne's life and the horrors and evils of the Rock Industries and its evils to destroy our youth and families in America.

2. CONGRESS DECLARES BIBLE "THE WORD OF GOD" - A very good look at the 1980's when many church organizations across America believed Jesus' return would happen in May of 1981.

3. CONFESSIONS - A look at the years from 1948 when Israel became a State and a time to look back at our lives and change for the future of our children. CONFESSION.

4. FATHER, SON, HOLY GHOST, ARK OF THE COVENANT, NOAH'S ARK, COVENANT - Temple, Robe - Year of the Bible, 1983 by the President.

5. AN INVITATION - Borrow End Time Prophecy tapes. Very important, some shocking to wake up America Tape Borrow List.

6. AMERICA IS BEING HURT - A look at the 1000s of prophecies Pastor Wayne has given and the shocking Truth behind God's Warnings from 1957-2000+.

7. WHAT AMERICA MUST DO TO BRING A REVIVAL and forgiveness so we can be healed. The easiest way for American Christians to be forgiven and bring Revival!

8. THE CALL TO RIGHTEOUSNESS - Looking at the way Christians can work miracles such as healing the blind, making a person walk, even bring back life, etc.

9. DO YOU WANT TO WORK MIRACLES? Because Christians can and will.

10. HAS THAT OLD MARK OF THE BEAST IN THE 1980'S GONE AWAY? - THE NEW WORLD ORDER and the plots to destroy the Christians in America and the proof you need is here!

11. WHAT IS THE SPARK GOSPEL MINISTRIES? - Christian outreach ministry unaffiliated with any other organization, but fully cooperating with all other ministries and individuals defending the true faith once delivered unto the Saints.

12.  PARENTS...GRANDPARENTS...FAMILIES... -This is for YOU. TV and the ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA are LEADING CHILDREN DOWN A MORAL SEWER. How we can stop it. Wayne has been used by the TV industries and the Entertainment Media. Help EXPOSE them and learn of their evil agenda and HELP PUT A STOP TO IT!!