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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
John 3:16
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"... if my people, who called by name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14

Wayne W. Morin Jr. suggests the first and most important step in process of spiritual mapping involves research. In most places, the names of the principle territorial spirits may already be well know. This is especially true among animistic people groups whose religious activities are specifically focused on appeasing a specific spirit. In other communities, identity of territorial spirits maybe more hidden. Learning their identity involves taking time to ask the right questions and find the right answers. I sometimes have to hire a detective. Then bring the Ministries prayer groups.

Although spiritual mapping is relatively new discipline, Wayne indicates that since he was born Satan and the Prince of Principalities over dominions have tried to use him. See other net messages. So let's get into spiritual mapping of your communities and if you need any help contact me. Here are seven crucial questions identifying the territorial spirits over their community. These questions focus on broadly on factors that may lead to the demonization of a place. They are as follows:

1. What are the main gods of the nation?
2. What are the altars, the high places and temples connected with worship to fertility gods?
3. Have political leaders, such as a king, president or tribal chief dedicated themselves to a living god?
4. Has there been bloodshed that pollutes the land?
5. How was the foundation of the city or nation laid?
6. How have God's messengers been received?
7. How were the old seats of power built?

A second set of questions that may be helpful in the research phase of the spiritual mapping process. 20 questions guides the researcher through the process of finding the history of the community to gain insights into the identity of territorial spirits. His list is as follows:

1. What place does your city have in this nation's history?
2. Was there ever the imposition of a new culture or language through conquest?
3. What were the religious practices of ancient people on the site?
4. Was there a time when a new religion emerged?
5. Under what circumstances did the gospel first enter the city?
6. Has the national or city government ever disintegrated?
7. What has been the leadership style of past governments?
8. Have there ever been wars that affected this city?
9. Was the city itself the site of a battle?
10. What names have been used to label the city, and what are their meanings?
11. Why was the city originally settled?
12. Did the city have a founder? What was his dream?
13. As political, military and religious leaders have emerged, what did they dream for themselves and for the city?
14. What political, economic and religious institutions have dominated the life of the city?
15. What has been the experience of immigrants to the city?
16. Have there been any traumatic experiences such as economic collapse, race riots or an earthquake?
17. Did the city ever experience the birth of a socially transforming technology?
18. Has there ever been the sudden opportunity to create wealth such as the discovery of oil or a new irrigation technology?
19. Has there ever been religious conflict among competing religions or among Christians?
20. What is the history of relationships among the races?

Part of the research process includes praying specifically for spiritual discernment. Sometimes discerning the spirits is done by people who have an apparent giftedness in this area. At other times, spirits are discerned almost by consensus as Christians in a specific community pray and talk together. This process of discerning spirits may come quickly (i.e., within a few hours or days), or may be the result of a long-term effort spanning years or even decades.

It is customary for those involved in spiritual mapping to prepare a report summarizing their research. This report is designed to bring together data from various sources into a single body for the benefit of those who will be involved in strategic-level warfare praying. The report prepared for these intercessors might be listed in the pattern that follows:


A. The Name or Names
1. Does the name have a meaning?
2. If the etymological name has no meaning, does it have any implication at all?
3. Is it a blessing or a curse?
4. Is it a native, Indian or foreign name?
5. Does it say anything at all about the first inhabitants of that land?
6. Does it describe any characteristics of the people who live there?
7. Is there any relation between the name and the attitude of its inhabitants?
8. Do any of these names have a direct relation to the names of demons or the occult?
9. Is the name linked to any religion, belief or local cult of the place?

B. The Nature Of The Territory
1. Does this territory have any special characteristics that distinguish it from others?
2. Is it closed or open to evangelism?
3. Are there many or few churches?
4. Is evangelization easy or hard?
5. Are the socioeconomic conditions of the territory uniform? Are there drastic changes?
6. List the most common social problems of the neighborhood, such as drug addiction, alcoholism, abandoned families, corruption of the environment, greed, unemployment, exploitation of the poor, etc.
7. Is there any specific area that draws our attention? For example, could we define this territory or its inhabitants with one word? What would it be?

C. The Founding Of The City
1. Who were the people who founded the city?
2. What was their personal or corporate reason for founding the city? What were their beliefs and philosophies? What was their vision for the future of the city?
3. What is the significance of the original name of the city? Has the name been changed? Are there other names or popular designations for the city? Do these names have meanings? Are they linked to religion of any sort? Are they demonic or occult names? Do they signify blessing? Curse? Do they highlight the city's redemptive gift? Do they reflect the character of the people of the city?

D. The Later History Of The City
1. What role has the city played in the life and character of the nation as a whole?
2. As prominent leaders have emerged in the city, what was their vision for their city?
3. Have any radical changes taken place in the government or political leadership of the city?
4. Have there been significant or sudden changes in the economic life of the city? Famine? Depression? Technology? Industry? Discovery of natural resources?
5. What significant immigration has occurred? Was there ever an imposition of a new language or culture on the city as a whole?
6. How have immigrants or minorities been treated? How have races or ethnic groups related to one another? Have city laws legitimized racism of any kind?
7. Have city leaders broken any treaties, contracts or covenants?
8. Have any wars directly affected the city? Were any battles fought in the city? Was there bloodshed?
9. How has the city treated the poor and oppressed? Has greed characterized city leaders? Is there evidence of corruption among political, economic or religious leaders and institutions?
10. What natural disasters have affected the city?
11. Does the city have a motto or slogan? What is its meaning?
12. What kinds of music do the people listen to? What is the message they receive from that music?
13. What five words would most people in the city use to characterize the positive features of their city today? What five words would they use for the negative features?


A. Non-Christian Religion
1. What were the religious views and practices of the people who inhabited the area before the city was founded?
2. Were religious considerations important in the founding of the city?
3. Have any non-Christian religions entered the city in significant proportions?
4. What secret orders (such as Freemasonry) have been present in the city?
5. What witches' covens, Satanist groups or other such cults have operated in the city?

B. Christianity
1. When, if ever, did Christianity enter the city? Under what circumstances?
2. Have any of the early or later Christian leaders been Freemasons?
3. What role has the Christian community played in the life of the city as a whole? Have there been changes in this?
4. Is Christianity in the city growing, plateaued or declining?

C. Relationships
1. Has there been conflict between religions in the city?
2. Has there been conflict between Christians?
3. What is the history of the church splits in the city?


1. Locate different maps of the city, especially the older ones. What changes have taken place in the physical characteristics of the city?
2. Who were the city planners who designed the city? Were any Freemasons?
3. Are there any significant discernible designs or symbols imbedded in the original plan or layout of the city?
4. Is there any significance in the architecture, location or positional relationship of the central buildings, especially those representing the political, economic, educational or religious powers in the city? Did Freemasons lay any of the cornerstones?
5. Has there been any historical significance in the particular plot of land upon which one or more of these buildings are located? Who originally owned this land?
6. What is the background of the city's parks and plazas? Who commissioned and funded them? What significance might their names have?
7. What is the background and possible significance of the statues and monuments of the city? Do any reflect demonic characteristics or glorify the creature rather than the Creator?
8. What other artwork is featured in the city, especially on or in public buildings, museums or theaters? Look especially for sensual or demonic art.
9. Are there any prominent archaeological sites in the city? What meaning might they have?
10. What is the location of highly visible centers of sin such as abortion clinics, pornographic bookstores or theaters, areas of prostitution, gambling, taverns homosexual activities, etc.?
11. Where are areas that concentrate greed, exploitation, poverty, discrimination, violence, disease or frequent accidents?
12. Where are the locations of past or present bloodshed through massacre, war or murder?
13. Does the position of trees, hills, stones or rivers form any apparently significant pattern?
14. Do certain landmarks of the city have names that would not glorify God.
15. What is the highest geographical point in the city and what is built or located there? This can be a statement of authority?
16. Which zones or sectors or neighborhoods of your city seem to have characteristics of their own? Attempt to discern areas of the city that seem to have different spittle environments.


A. Non-Christian
1. What were the names of the principal deities or territorial spirits associated with the city past or present?
2. What are the locations of high places, altars, temples, monuments or buildings associated with witchcraft, occult, fortunetelling, Satanism, Freemasonry, Mormonism, Eastern religions and the like? Do these form any patterns when plotted on a map?
3. What are the sites of pagan worship from the past, even before the city was founded?
4. What are the different cultural centers that might contain art or artifacts connected with pagan worship?
5. Has any city leader knowingly dedicated himself or herself to a pagan god or a principality?
6. Were any known curses placed by the original inhabitants on the land or people who founded the city?

B. Christian
1. How have God's messengers been received by the city?
2. Has evangelism been easy or hard?
3. Where are the churches located? Which of them would you see as "life giving" churches?
4. What is the health of the churches in the city?
5. Who are the Christian leaders considered as "elders of the city"?
6. Is it easy to pray in all areas of the city?
7. What is the status of unity among Christian leaders across ethnic and denominational lines?
8. What is the view of the city leaders toward Christian morality?

C. Revelational
1. What are the recognized, mature intercessors hearing from God concerning the city?
2. What is the identity of the ranking principalities seemingly in control of the city as a whole or certain areas of the city's life or territory?


When the enemy has been identified and the prayer warriors equipped for battle, it is time to engage the enemy. Just as a successful general plans his battle strategy according to basic principles of sound military strategy, so those involved in spiritual warfare also operate according to certain basic rules. W. Morin has identified six rules for those involved in spiritual warfare. They include the following:

1. Select a manageable geographical area with discernible spiritual boundaries.
2. Secure the unity of the pastors and other Christian leaders in the area and begin to pray together on a regular basis.
3. Project a clear image that the effort is not an activity simply of Pentecostals and charismatics, but of the whole Body of Christ.
4. Assure the spiritual preparation of participating leaders and other Christians through repentance, humility and holiness.
5. Research the historical background of the city in order to reveal spiritual forces shaping the city.
6. Work with intercessors especially gifted and called to strategic-level spiritual warfare, seeking God's revelation of: (a) the redemptive gift or gifts of the city; (b) Satan's strongholds in the city; (c) territorial spirits assigned to the city; (d) corporate sin past and present that needs to be dealt with and (e) God's plan of attack and timing.


The area of spiritual warfare is new to many evangelicals. Some recognize the existence of demons, but rationalize they are not that much of an issue. Some teach demonic spirits are not a force in this dispensation, but are manifested primarily in certain eras of history. Some teach that demons do exist, but they question their territorial control.

Those who accept the literal interpretation of Scripture accept the existence of demons and their opposition to the work of God. Their presence and destruction is probably much greater than most Christians realize; however, they are not as evident as some who see a demon behind every bush and the cause of every physical problem.

As the American culture increasingly turns away from its Christian roots, the flood of darkness and demons will rush to fill the vacuum. Increasing manifestations of demonic activity will be noticeable, and they will oppress revival in every way possible. Those who are interested in bringing revival to America will have to take the subject of this letter seriously.

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This library of materials, presented by Rev. Wayne W. Morin Jr. offers in a most exciting and convincing way, the truths of the everlasting gospels from the perspective of end-time Bible Prophecy.


There is no charge whatever for borrowing the materials listed below. Upon request they are mailed postpaid, and the only obligation to the borrower is to return the items after their use. The loaned items may be kept as long as necessary for evaluation, but when they have been thoroughly examined, we ask they not be permitted to lie unused on a shelf somewhere, but returned promptly, so they may be sent to others who are waiting. The copying of materials is not allowed, but urgently encouraged.


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